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SEM stands for search engine marketing in which the promotion of a business website is done by using different strategies in which the viewer is paid to do some actions. The most commonly used tactic to attract the consumer is get paid per click programs. There are a lot of people who confuse SEO with SEM.SEO can be called a branch or a sub category of the main program known as SEM paid marketing. Both SEO and SEM are done to make a business successful through its promotion over the internet. According to the experts SEM or search engine marketing is considered the best way to boost the sales of a business by effective promotion of its products at every level. SEM paid marketing is the most cost effective way to address the masses in short time .Use of both search engine marketing and search engine optimization can be more beneficial in attracting large number of people towards your business and convincing them to buy your product .With the help of search engine marketing the businessmen can analyze the marketing strategies used for promotion of their business in detail and provide them with the data of their accomplishments. Search engine marketing if executed properly can attract thousands of new customers to your business and can even help retain the old ones. There are certain aspects that make an SEM paid marketing campaign a successful one, these qualities include perfect understanding the specific audience that may eventually be the customers you retain. A perfect search engine marketing campaign is the one that knows exactly what the audience searches. If an SEM campaign works smartly it will bring forward the ads and content that is relevant to the search made by the audience in order to create a positive impact on the customer’s decision about purchasing certain products. While on one hand it is the duty of the experts dealing with SEO to use important keywords in the making of a website  it is the responsibility of the competent people dealing with the SEM campaign to place those keywords at proper places where instead of getting ignored these keywords are viewed by the audience. The professionals working for the SEM paid marketing of a company set different targets for the campaign achieving which they can make a business grow at a rapid speed, they have the ability to organize all the keywords into ad groups and focused SEM campaigns. People dealing with SEO know the importance of a compelling ad so they use the expertise of content writer s who have the knack of writing the content that attracts the masses. In the present era Google AdWords is the most commonly used paid search platform that is used by most of the search marketers. The other paid search platforms used by search marketers include Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Ads.

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