One thing people get too hung up on is getting the ideal anchor text for every link pointing back to their website. They want links to the perfect page using the perfect anchor text. If you focus too much on that, then you won’t get great results. My advice is to focus on getting a few links from the best websites you can find that have the highest value content on them. Take whatever kind of link you can get from a website as long as that website is trustworthy (meaning they don’t link out to any spam sites at all and don’t link out to any bad neighborhood sites at all). Once you have accomplished that, then you can worry about looking for opportunities to get some ideal links with ideal anchor text. The existence of the backlink itself is far more important than the anchor text of that link. Certain links are extremely powerful when it comes to ranking high. If you could get a few really high quality links then you would see that you really don’t need to get as many links as you think. Of course the problem is that it is much more difficult to get those really high quality links. You don’t know how to get them or where to get them from or what even makes a link a really high quality link. Just get whatever links you can from the highest quality sites you can. You won’t really learn how to spot the highest quality links sources until you learn a lot more about the inner workings of search engines and their algorithms. In general the highest quality links come from websites that are really authoritative sources of information about those topics. The best links come from other authority sites and from the websites of people who are really knowledgeable about that specific topic. So start making friends with other bloggers who write about the same or a similar topic as you write about. They will be your shortcut to the highest quality links.


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