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The days of using article directories to build links for your website are essentially gone (at least for the time being).  There really isn’t a safe way anymore to build article directory links that are useful for increasing rankings in Google.   They can help your ranking in Yahoo and Bing, but they aren’t going to help you in Google.  In fact, they can hurt your rankings in Google for whatever keywords you are using for anchor text. The reasons why article directory links are low value links is because they come from pages that have very little Google PageRank and because most article directories are not trusted by Google. Because the links aren’t trusted, the link is not going to count at all.  If Google does count the link for anything at all, it is going to count against you instead of for you. If you happen to know of an article directory style site that seems like its content is truly useful and Google still ranks its pages high in the search results, then I suppose that might be worth publishing articles at. I doubt you will find that in an article directory though.   You are more likely to find that in a niche blog.   So, if you are  interested in the idea of using articles to promote your website and generate links for it, then you would be much better off looking for places where you could publish guest blog posts. If you are going to be publishing a lot of articles/blog posts to promote your website, then you should change your anchor text every single time.  You should also not be building more than a couple links to any single page on your website.  If you want to do lots of articles then you should be linking to lots of different inner pages on your website. If you want the links from the articles to really count for something then you have to promote them so that the pages acquire some link juice. Your articles need to have links pointing at them from within the website they are published on or get inbound links from other websites.

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  • On-Page Optimization
  • Remove All HTML Errors
  • Create Website Sitemap.xml
  • Create Robots File
  • SEO Friendly URLs