Shopping Cart Bronze

Shopping Cart Bronze Package

A smooth and efficient running shopping cart is the best thing for the success of an online this modernized world the making of a smooth running shopping cart is a task that should be done by a professional. There are a number of companies that offer different services including shopping cart making and installation. The companies like offer different packages that help a business install a smooth running shopping cart that has every facility that customers ask for. The best package for small businesses and medium ones is the bronze package. You can count on our team of competent professionals to get a shopping cart that is no less than that of Amazon or EBay.   Shopping Cart Bronze Package The shopping cart bronze package is the most suitable of all the packages for small and medium sized businesses. The software that our company installs is totally risk free as it is not easy to copy type of stuff. We offer our customers with free trial of the software for one month. Why Is Shopping Cart Bronze Package Suitable? Shopping cart bronze package is made to suit the needs of medium and small businesses as it has such features that cannot be copied easily and this fact makes it one of the most secure shopping cart packages available in the industry. We have no doubt that you will find us far better than the others. There is one more reason why people prefer choosing the shopping cart bronze package and that is the freedom of running your business effectively on your own domain instead of a borrowed one. Set Up Your Online Shop with Ease The process of setting up of your account to get a perfectly running shopping cart starts as soon as we get an order from you. We send you an email as soon as we get your order in which we explain the simple and easy steps taking which you can create an account in some simple steps. The basic step that you should take far before selecting a website is that of gathering pictures and images of the products you will be selling, the nest thing that you have to provide information about is the price structure and some detailed information about the online methods of payment that your store will be accepting. We proudly provide our valued customers with a PrestaShop installation, the bronze shopping cart that we provide allows its customers the leverage of 100 products, it has different unlimited categories and template design, and it has two static pages and one stationary design. This package includes one logo design, a free domain, payment gateway of Google and PayPal, One year free web hosting, 100 email accounts, search engine submission and complete ownership.  

Shopping Cart Bronze AED45166.28

  • PrestaShop Installation
  • 100 Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Template Design
  • 02 Static Pages
  • 01 Custom Logo Design Concept
  • 01 Stationery Design
  • Payment Gateway (Paypal, Google)
  • FREE Domain
  • FREE 01 Year Hosting
  • FREE 100 Email Accounts
  • FREE Consultancy
  • Complete Ownership
  • Search Engine Submission and much more